The Research Centre for Human Development (CEDH) is the Research & Development Unit of the Faculty of Education and Psychology – Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Porto. It was officially created in 2013 and assessed by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) in that same year, being a member of the FCT network since then (Ref. 4872).

CEDH aims to:

  • Foster research with impact on to human development, from the perspectives of Psychology and Educational Sciences;
  • Provide the scientific framework for postgraduate training;
  • Promote the discussion and dissemination of scientific knowledge on human development;
  • Contribute to researchers’ training;
  • Strengthen national/international cooperation with institutions dedicated to the study and/or promotion of human development.

CEDH takes a multidimensional perspective on human development, giving relevance to its individual, organizational, cultural and political levels. At the same time, CEDH views human development as including all stages of the life cycle, considering and analysing the different transitions that guide life trajectories in the context of contemporary societies.

Between 2020 and 2023, CEDH prioritizes research in the following areas of interest to Human Development:

  • Mental health, technological innovation, and neurosciences
  • Risk, adaptation, and human rights
  • Education, work, and professional development