José Reis Lagarto


Generic Bio

José Reis Lagarto obtained his PhD in Educational Sciences - Distance Education Systems. He is an Associate Professor and member of the academic board of the Faculty of Human Sciences (FCH) and Faculty of Education and Psychology (FEP) of the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa. He is also coordinator of the Master's Degree in Educational Sciences. He is the lecturer of Distance Education & eLearning, Multimedia and Communication units, Seminars in ICT and Education and Research Methods in Education. He also authored three books and various articles and book chapters related to issues of professional training in distance education, ICT and education, usage of technologies for teaching deaf students and e-learning and innovation in classroom. He develops research activities in the area of e-learning project design and the influence of ICT policies in teaching and learning processes. Finally, he is supervisor of research work leading to the attainment of Master's Degree and Doctoral theses.