You have completed your training at FEP-UCP!

We invite you to continue being part of our community actively.

FEP-UCP students have shown a strong sense of belonging and an inestimable pride in being part of this community. This is the spirit we want to preserve when they become alumni.

FEP-UCP's commitment to students continues even after they complete their academic training. Furthermore, our faculty is strongly committed to supporting its alumni. Therefore, we have ensured the guidance of professional internships, collaborated with or supported projects our alumni developed, and provided supervision to their activities.

We are also committed to providing a genuinely aggregating context for alumni who have such valuable experiences to share and can make significant contributions to the development of the faculty and the UCP. Therefore, it is essential for us to count on alumni in research projects, in the University Clinic of Psychology, in the Support Service for Educational Improvement, in the Neurosciences laboratory, or in other faculty activities.

Stay close.

Count on us. We count on you.