Serviço Comunitário

Community Service is a voluntary program of the Psychology Degree that allows our students to pursue volunteer work in community organizations; at the same time, this experience integrates a training program overseen by a team of faculty members.

Community Service activities can be performed in a variety of institutions. For example:

  • Shelters
  • Homes for the elderly
  • Community intervention
  • Health facilities
  • Organizations to aid the homeless

Community Service can be designed to be pursued throughout the academic year in an agreement with the host institution, or in an intensive time period during the holidays that will allow one to complete the defined number of hours. Students can enroll in this program if:

  • They are part of the Psychology program in UCP's Faculty of Education and Psychology
  • They aim to complement their academic program with an experience of personal growth and service to others in the spirt of commitment and gratitousness

One is not obligated to pursue this program in the first year, but it must be at the start of any academic year.

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