Why a Master's of Psychology?

Teaching Excellence

We offer a curriculum crafted from feedback from our partner organizations and from self-assessments garnered by students and the teaching staff.

Our students and the labor market recognize the quality of our education, which stands out for its multidisciplinary approach. Similarly, our program meets all the requirements as set forth by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists.

Learning by Doing

From the very first year, our students have the opportunity to job shadow in different areas of Human Resources Psychology. At the same time, we bring in guest speakers, both professionals and academics, who are specialists in the field of Human Resources Development.

We guarantee all of our students a Curricular Internship, where students are 100% involved in a professional practice, allowing them to develop assessment, intervention and management skills in the labor field, such as working independently and in multidisciplinary teams.

Partners for Our Internship Program

Waters and Energy of Porto
Amorim Cork Composites
Amorim Cork Flooring
Arch Valadares
Armis Group
Portuguese Business Association
Continental Engeneering Services
Critical Manufacturing
Professional School of Aveiro
Kelly Services

Students also have the possibility to do an International Internship, also in the second year; there are opportunities for internationalization through short-term internships (e.g., Erasmus).

Extracurricular Program

Hands On Practice: Managing And Developing People

Experiential Workshops

The Experiential Workshops are a group of workshops offered by Human Resources Professionals who, in a classroom setting, create a setting that allows one to experience a real world environment for Human Resources. These workshops promote training through experiencing different professional activities performed in the day to day routine of a Human Resources department.

Most Recent Offerings:

  • Creation of HR Indices I Sara Azevedo I Director of Human Resources Leica, Visiting Professor in CPBS;
  • End of Contracts and Closing Accounts I António Pinto de Oliveira I Director de Human Resources Cires;
  • Software for GRH I Frederico Guedes I Business Manager of Wincode | Alexandra Martins & Ana Ribeiro I Collaborators of Hospedeiras de Portugal

Link to Business

The Link to Business offers the opportunity to perform job shadowing and mini observational internships in different fields of Human Resources. At the same time, and within the same field(s), one has study visits in different business contexts.

Dynamic Context

Studying in the Department of Education and Psychology foments a relationship with a lifelong partner, capable of providing new opportunities, helping to develop new skills and orientating you toward professional success.

You will find yourself on an active campus guided by a closeness with the faculty and your peers. Here, it is possible to participate in different initiatives that contribute to the development of students academically and personally.

Culture of Closeness

We offer all of our students a supporting tutorial through a prescribed lecturer, who  you can resort to for your pedagogical questions. This support seeks to offer, on a regular basis, aid throughout one's academic career, to detect potential problems that may hinder your academic performance, to support the resolution of these obstacles and to maximize your skills.



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