National volunteering experiences are highly valued at FEP-UCP as an enrichment of our students' academic training and social commitment to the community.

There are numerous volunteering opportunities offered through CASO - Católica Solidarity. See more information here.

Also supported by CASO - Católica Solidarity, but mainly aimed at our undergraduate students, we offer an innovative volunteering programme, Community Service.

Community Service is an optional Psychology degree program that allows students to develop volunteer work in community institutions while integrating a training program and monitoring streamlined by a team of teachers.

Community Service activities may be carried out in various institutions, namely social solidarity institutions, such as welcoming homes, older adults' homes, community intervention projects, health institutions, and support to homeless people, among others.

The Community Service can be developed throughout the academic year on a commitment basis to be defined with the host institution or intensively during holidays for a period that allows the specified number of hours to be fulfilled.

All students attending the degree in Psychology at FEP-UCP and wishing to add to their academic training an experience of personal growth and dedication to others in a spirit of commitment and gratuity may enrol in this programme. The enrolment does not necessarily have to occur in the 1st year, but at the beginning of any year of the degree.
Voluntariado nacional