Specialization in Academic Administration and Organization

Specialization in Academic Administration and Organization

Program Description

A society of knowledge demands that educational and training organizations continue learning, questioning their existing models and processes and generating new methods and practices. The key importance of good management in academic and training institutions is to reinforce the relevancy of its Academic Administration and Organization, such as in social policies of its plans and community actions.

In addressing these problems, some new problem areas stand out:

  • Management of people and resources
  • Availability of organizations for education / training
  • Ethical management of schools and training centers
  • Campus projects and leadership models
  • Administration and management

This specialization promotes the adquisition of skills and scientific, pedagogical and technical knowledge, as well as the development of abiilities and behaviors in critical analysis, innovation and research in the field of Academic Administration and Organization.



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Phone: 00351 939 450 000 / 00351 939 450 012



Álvaro Almeida dos Santos

Skill and quality were defining words of this Master's Program. In addition to enabling us to become more competent and proficient for the future, it gave me the key to understand trends and to identify and anticipate scenarios beyond simply the desire for continuous improvement and learning.