CUP | University Psychology Clinic



The University Psychology Clinic (CUP) is a proximity structure at the Faculty of Education and Psychology - UCP, serving the community with a primary mission to enhance mental health and psychological well-being. Our interventions are designed to improve the quality of life for our clients, tailoring our approaches to meet individual needs and characteristics.

As a university clinic, CUP is crucial in educating psychology students, providing them with hands-on experience in professional practice throughout their studies.

In the realm of research, CUP collaborates closely with the Research Centre for Human Development (CEDH). Together, we implement research projects, extending beyond mere data collection to include the delivery of evaluation and intervention programs currently under validation.



At CUP, our work is grounded in the ethical and deontological principles fundamental to the practice of psychology. These include respect for individual dignity and rights, expertise, responsibility, integrity, beneficence, and empathy. We treat each client as unique, recognizing their specific needs and characteristics. By utilizing evaluation and intervention plans that are both efficient and supported by scientific evidence, we strive to address issues most appropriately and effectively.



At CUP, we are constantly concerned about offering the best service, which is why our team specializes in different areas and always looks up to date with the best evaluation and intervention approaches to each issue. In this way, we improve our daily competencies and the service we provide to our clients.