PhD in Education Science

Develop research and intervention skills in key areas to continuously better them

Program Description

The expansion of learning opportunities makes up a pivotal aspect for our society in order to have a solid foundation for life long learning. It is with this belief that we center the PhD in Education Science, as put forth by the Department of Education and Psychology at Católica in Porto. One of the main objectives of the program is to grant professionials in the field the training and knowledge that will permit them to develop research and intervention skills in key areas to continuously better them in a professional context.

Given this objective, we intend for our students to:

  • Develop skills in better understanding education and training systems
  • Explore integral themes in Education Science as they relate to a professional context and on a research team in the Department of Education
  • Intervene strategically in professional contexts to generate professional empoverment and organizational development
  • Produce scientific research in the field of Education Science
  • Develop advanced research and intervention skills in the field of Education Science

By the end of the academic program, recipients of a PhD in Education Science will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Be able to understand, analyze and produce new knowledge in the field of Education Science
  • Utilize research skills within the field
  • Adopt an attitude of critical thinking about educational practices
  • Complete an original research project (Doctoral Thesis)
  • Publish, through specialized journals in Portugal and abroad, their research completed through the process of obtaining their PhD

Why choose a PhD in Education Science in UCP-Porto's Department of Education and Psychology?

The program is distinguished by the following aspects:

  • It is taught by a teaching staff who have a breadth of scientific knowledge and national / international recognition for their work in Education Science; this staff integrates elements that cover a multitude of initiatives as proposed by the Ministry of Education
  • The teaching staff integrates the Support Services for the Improvment of Education (SAME) in the department, which allows the courses to offer an elevated degree of empirical research on the perception and necessity of schools
  • The program offers a massive, flexible and easily adaptable curriculum that can match the needs and research interests of all its students
  • The program offers students, who are in the thesis-writing process, personalized support while conducting their research; this aid appears in the form of a wide range of Research Support Seminars
  • We offer our students contacts with a diverse range of specialists in Education Science through open classes or virtual appearances
  • We promote rich and diversified opportunities to participate in national / international scientific events organized by the Department of Education and Psychology; for example, we have annual Research Seminars in Edcuation and biennial International Seminars in Education, Territories and Human Development
  • We offer students currently writing their thesis the opportunity to join research teams in the department, providing them the opportunity to interact and publish work in collaboration with the teaching staff and other specialists
  • Students have the opportunity to have their publications produced in a variety of channels: Portuguese Journal of Educational Research, Cadernos Desafios (with the university) and a collection of E-Books in the Department of Education and Psychology



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Adília Cruz

Adília Cruz

PhD Candidate, 2019-2021
It gave me skills and many tools that allowed me to reflect on education and my own life with a new lens, offering a sensation of indescribable freedom.

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