FEP's students have three ways of studying internationally, with academic recognition guaranteed, before drafting a plan of study:

1. International Plan to Study

  • Through a bilateral agreement with the Erasmus Program
  • In a physical or virtual format
  • For one semester

2. International Plan for an Apprenticeship / Internship

  • Summer curriculum / program
  • Extracurricular program
  • Apprenticeship / internship for recent graduates

3. Open Plan

  • Without financing, but still with the support of FEP
  • Within the scope of a cooperation agreement
  • To whatever part of the world

International Partners of FEP-UCP

Currently, FEP-UCP has 29 partners internationally, spanning all continents. It is with these strategic partners that our faculty aims to build, support, develop, and share internationalization strategies in all areas of university life, involving students, faculty, researches and collaborators. Together we form a global community sustained by our desire to construct a bsis for confronting challenges and opportunities to create a sustainable future for upcoming generations.

For more information, refer to our list of partners and the International Office's page.



Elisa Di Gregorio

After graduating from my master's degree in Psychology, I decided to come to UCP for a six-month internship. From the very beginning I felt at home in the city, everyone was extremely welcoming, especially in the academic environment. I had the opportunity to work with other colleagues in the HNL and I immediately felt part of the community. The research experience within the lab was very formative: I had the possibility to work in close contact with many other researchers and get involved into different projects. Porto is a wonderful city to live and I am very grateful for my decision to come here.

Elisa Di Gregorio

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan – Italy


Lucia Penalba Sánchez, MSc.

The opportunity to live in Porto to complete my Ph.D. studies at the Faculty of Education and Psychology in Porto has been a fabulous experience to grow personally and professionally. The kindness and warmth of the Portuguese people made me feel very welcome from the very first moment I entered the country. And soon after arriving, I could say that I felt at home. Meeting new people from Portugal, as well as from other countries and cultures, is immensely enriching. Working with my advisor and lab colleagues is an enlightening, collaborative, and fun journey. The perfect mix of working autonomously, but at the same time having all the support I need from other researchers available, is being the ideal scenario for my development as a junior researcher who is well prepared for the current and future demands within the academy. I highly recommend this experience to any student willing to take a big step forward in their career in a multicultural environment.

Lucia Penalba

Blanquerna Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona – Spain



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Phone: 00351 939 450 000 / 00351 939 450 012