Mission, Vision and Values

Missão, Visão e Valores


The School of Education and Psychology at Católica represents itself as a space for the production and dissemination of knowledge in Education and Psychology through teaching, research and social-academic responsibility in these two fields.

Our courses are founded in current scientific knowledge and are implemented through innovative pedagogical practices that recognize the potential of information technology. These programs create an environment of closeness with the students and respects their diversity, interests and needs.

We work in national and global networks to conduct research in a context that responds to the problems and challenges of contemporary society. We have two centers that provide services, one in Psychology and one in Education, in response to the developmental needs of nearby communities.



The School of Education and Psychology aspires to:

  • To assert itself as the number one option in the instruction of Education and Psychology in Northern Portugal, being recognized for its excellence in teaching and for the pedagogical innovation in courses at all levels (Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate).
  • To take root in a context that promotes the integral development of students, urging their involvement in multidisciplinary training initiatives and the exercise of a more active and responsible citizenship.
  • To be recognized for the quality of research and the ability to actively involve students at all levels of study in research activities.
  • To innovate in providing services to the community, expanding our network of partners, cultivating our culture of proximity and fostering scientific knowledge.
  • To strengthen the training and professional development of the teaching staff and faculty at UCP.
  • To offer a welcoming environment to alumni.



  • Closeness to the students and communities
  • Collaborative work
  • Social engagement