Masters in Science of Education

Program Description

FEP's Masters in Science of Education, in line with human development goals proposed by democratic societies of the 21st century and valuing an education with a socio-anthropological breadth, embraces an ecological perspective of the processes pertaining to personal, social and professional development. This degree is offered in two fundamental areas: Academic Administration & Organization and Social Pedagogy.

The Master's Degree in the Science of Education is a unique opportunity for training, recognition, and professional development for professionals in the field of education – educators, professors, socio-educational interventionists.

In this program, students have the opportunity to acquire a set of trans-applicable skills in the domain of Education Science, such as:

  • Reinforcing pedagogical research and intervention abilities in critical educational areas, contributing to the betterment of social and educational processes and results.
  • Contribute to the performance of organizational and professional development models in the academic field through socio-community, pertinent and innovative areas.

Why the Master's in Education Sciences at FEP-UCP?

  • Formative experience rooted in an ample and integrated vision of education, developed in close connection with processes of local development based on a wide range of partnerships outlined by the Service of Support for the Improvment of Education (SAME in Portuguese);
  • High scientific, pedagogical and ethical standards anchored in the standards that characterize and distinguish UCP and assures that the staff itself is highly qualified, motivated and available;
  • Options for differentiated experiences and innovative and stimulating teaching, including remote learning and programs abroad, allowing students to synthesize and present their research in communal contexts both internally and externally;
  • We value the voices and and participation of our students, as evidenced in the structure of our program that promotes an academic culture rich with principles of sharing, intellectual honesty and scientific integrity, as is stipulated in UCP's Code of Ethics and Conduct (2015);
  • Enrollment in our network of academic cooperation both on the national and international scale; under the framework of the Research Center for Human Development (CEDH in Portuguese).

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Employment and Career Impact

The Master's of Education Science program produces significant impacts, both direct and indirect, on students' careers, namely in regards to their qualifications and performance in organizational and pedagogical leadership, whether that be in academic or socio-educational organizations.



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Ana Camões

Ana Camões

Coordinator of the Degree in Social Education at IESF; Professor of the Master's in Social Pedagogy
I chose this program at FEP-UCP for standing out in the field of pedagogical and scientific training, at both the national and international level, providing extremely challenging and professional opportunities.