Degree in Psychology

the involvement of students beginning in their first year through research projects

Program Description

Why study Psychology in the Catholic Portuguese University of Porto's Department of Education and Psychology?

  • The quality of our teaching is recognized by students and the job market
  • We offer a curriculum that orients you toward the practice of psychology in the most variety of contexts and toward scientific research
  • We embrace innovative pedagogical approaches (e.g., service-based learning), tested by and available through our Laboratory of Pedagogical Innovation
  • We guarantee closeness to the field and real problems in the community (e.g., Community Service and field work)
  • Through the Center of Research for Human Development and the Neuroscience Lab, we promote the involvement of students beginning in their first year through research projects that aim to answer emerging social problems
  • We have a University Psychology Clinic that contributes information from real cases toward students' trainings
  • The climate of proximity fosters relationships between professors and students
  • We have a tutorial program for all students, which aims to provide pedagogical support throughout the degree
  • There's the possibiilty of spending a semester at an international university through the Erasmus Program
  • We host students of different nationalities through the Erasmus Program, which permits an enriching cultural exchange
  • We are integrated in an active and dynamic campus with different initiatives for the personal and professional development of students
  • We have services that aid our students in career development and the transition to the labor market

The Degree in Psychology from UCP's Department of Education and Psychology is organized in a yearly (three years) /  semesterly (six semester) basis on a credits system (180 ECTS). With our plan of study, we intend to offer a solid foundation in the field of Psychology.To us, it is important to promote a transversal framework and approach to the study of human behavior. We promote not only an expertise of theoretical approaches and classical methodologies of Psychology, but also ones that are more recent and innovative. Another important objective is to provide offerings that intersect with a diverse range of specializations, such as Clinical and Health Psychology, Labor and Work Psychology, Psychology pertinent to Human Resources, Education and Human Development, Justice and Deviant Behaviors.

Because we value a cross-discipline education, we even offer the possibility of receiving credits through curricular events outside of UCP's Degree in Psychology, course options from other disciplines at UCP or other universities. The curriculum also includes the possibility of participating, on a voluntary basis, in Community Service, allowing one to develop essential relation skills in social intervention for the profession through a training program monitored by professors. Therefore, in addition to the development of scientific and technical skills in the field of Psychology, our curriculum even promotes the development of transversal / widely applicable skills, which are highly valued by the labor market and essential to the prsuit of Psychology (e.g., taking initiative and being proactive, critical thinking, communication skills, the ability to adapt to new situations, the ability to resolve complex issues, and the ability to work independently and on a team).

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Program is accredited by the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES).

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Inês Franco

Inês Franco

Second Year Student
FEP's faculty greatly promotes a global education of its students through an individual approach and as a collective with extracurricular and academic activities.

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