Master in Psychology of Human Resources Development

Multidisciplinary and differentiated training geared toward a career in Human resources

Program Description

The Master's in Psychology (Human Resources Development) degree is for anyone who seeks a multidisciplinary and differentiated training geared toward a career in Human resources.

We have a stake in the teaching quality that fosters the most innovative academic skills with a link grounded in the corporate world, guaranteeing a learning by doing system. Furthermore, this program nurtures the adoption of skills that lead to the application of the best practices and tools in a real world work environment.

Designed in conjunction with Católica's Business School, this program offers an experience with lecturers and students from diverse academic backgrounds, combining the knowledge from psychology with that of other fundamental areas in an organizational environment, such as Management, Economics or Law.

We train our psychologists to offer innovative responses to challenges in the labor market and contemporary society, making them more capable at responding effectively to organizational needs and the needs of the people that work within them.


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Program is accredited by the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES) on: 15.12.2020|Process: ACEF/1819/1200931| Term Limit: 6 anos | Available here.

Registration Number:  R/A-Cr 147/2013/AL03 | Date: 20.09.2021|Publication in the Diário de República (Republic's Journal) is available here



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Rui Moura

Rui Moura (Second Year Student)

HR & Talent Acquisition Support - S2M-group
Enrolling in the Master's of Psychology (Human Resources Development) allowed me to develop personal and professional skills, helping us to foster conections within the professionial world in a more "relaxed" manner that still allowed us to become familiar with the environment as we progressed through our program.