We anticipate wonderful speakers, fruitful discussion about the challenges in ensuring the ongoing internationalization of higher education, great networking filled with international accents, and a wide range of other activities.

During this week-long event, we anticipate lively discussions, engaging workshops, and insightful presentations that will delve into internationalization's challenges, complexities, and opportunities. We will explore strategies and practices to enhance collaboration, promote cross-cultural understanding, and address the ever-evolving demands of a connected global community.

We hope to foster meaningful connections, establish fruitful partnerships, and inspire innovative approaches to global engagement in education and psychology by bringing together academics, researchers, professionals, and institutions worldwide. Together, we can collectively shape the future of internationalization, driving positive change and mutual benefits for our network.

This event is not to be missed if YOU:

  • Are committed to Enhance Learning, Teaching, Research & Collaboration in Universities through Internationalization.
  • Are interested in developing internationalization strategies and policies in universities.
  • Believe HEI must promote international studies and international mentality to students-faculties-staff.
  • Are implicated in drawing a roadmap for future direction for the internationalization in higher education.
  • Have the purpose of enhancing and intensifying the international collaboration with FEP-UCP.
  • Consider expanding your individual international collaboration network and want to meet up with our friendly FEP staff and international advisors to explore possibilities of partnerships and cooperation.
  • Have students considering to study at FEP.
  • Want to join discussions about how to promote an international mentality to students, managers, faculty, staff, and any other agent of internationalization within the higher education system.
  • Intend to share your teaching and research experience with us.