Advanced Skills in Psychological Intervention

5 ECTS / Semestral
  1. To conceptually frame assessment and intervention models in psychology, in large sense.
  2. To understand the bio-ecological perspective contribution in addressing diverse problematic, considering the individuals’ life cycle.
  3. To develop an integrated understanding of the issues emerging from the different psychological intervention areas. Reinforcing an multidisciplinary approach.
  4. To plan and consider strategies that, in terms of intervention, value the psychologist's specific role articulating with different populations and intervention modalities (individual, group)
  5. To Identify, train and properly apply the different skills for psychological intervention in different phases (including reports and other documents) from real situations.
  6. To develop skills that promotes the psychologist role within the relationships with other professionals, families, institutions and community.


Assistant Professor / Researcher
Maria Elisa Pina Tomaz Veiga is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education and Psychology, Catholic University of Portugal, in Porto. She obtained her…
Invited Assistant Professor / Researcher
Carlos Peixoto has a doctorate in Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto in the area of Forensic…