Psychological Assessment in Forensic Settings

5 ECTS / Semestral

The discipline of "Psychologycal Evaluation in Forensic Settings" is part of the 2nd cycle of studies (MSc) in the specialization of Justice and the Psychology of Deviant Behavior.

The aim of this curricular unit is to provide students with an education level of theoretical and practical approaches of  Psychologycal Evaluation in the forensic settings.

To provide education and training about theoretical and practical specificities of psychological assessment in the forensic contexts.

To know the strategies, methodologies and psychometric aspects of psychological assessment in the forensic context and its ethical and deontological specificities.

To know the main fields in which psychologists conduct forensic psychological assessment.

To develop competencies on elaboration of psychological reports to the forensic context.


Assistant Professor / Researcher
Catarina João Capela Ribeiro has been an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education and Psychology of Católica in Porto since 2007. She holds a PhD in…