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José Matias Alves: "Learning to heal the wounds of injustice"

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 - 12:56

Opinion article by José Matias Alves, professor at the Faculty of Education and Psychology.

Combating the ballast of injustice that persists in education requires a "new social contract." Here are some possible keys to open the doors to another future.

In a context where injustices seem to grow, and the threat of exclusion is taking shape right under our eyes, we need a vast program that can "heal the wounds of injustice." So let's rehearse a brief script organized in two sequences: i) what is the grammar of injustice, its genealogy, its signs, and evidence? ii) And how can we organize ourselves to combat and resolve it?

Basically, there are four structural sources of injustice.

Read the full article here (in Portuguese).