Intercultural Circle Meetings

Intercultural Circle

The ‘FEP-UCP Intercultural Circle: International Meetings’ is an initiative developed by the Faculty of Education and Psychology in partnership with the Student Association and the Research Centre for Human Development - CEDH, aiming at facilitating the transition and inclusion of newly arrived international students and researchers into our community and celebrating our cultural diversity.

Through monthly meetings, it is expected to build a space for open dialogue and support, where international students and researchers can share their experiences, discuss the challenges inherent in adapting to a new context, and find support. These meetings are crucial for developing a support network within the academic community and promoting the adaptation and well-being of the new members. Moreover, the monthly meetings serve as an opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with local traditions, values, and customs, thereby facilitating their integration into the new culture.

The Intercultural Circle meetings foster a welcoming community that values diversity and promotes inclusion in our community, allowing everyone to feel an integral part of the faculty and institution from the start. We believe this space significantly contributes to the cultural and academic enrichment of all involved. Furthermore, it provides everyone the opportunity to develop valuable intercultural skills, preparing them to act effectively in diverse environments.

This collaborative and welcoming environment not only enriches the academic and social experience of international students and researchers but also contributes to the diversity and internationalization of our institution, reflecting our commitment to inclusion and respect for different cultures and perspectives.

This initiative represents a fundamental part of our commitment to excellence in education and inclusion, ensuring that all members of our community feel valued and have equal opportunities to grow, learn, and contribute.

The 'Intercultural Circle' commits to:

  • Offering a series of social activities throughout the academic year, to promote interaction among students of various nationalities.
  • Creating a sense of belonging and helping international students and researchers feel an integral part of the FEP-UCP community.
  • Promoting cultural exchange and allowing all students to enrich their experiences and develop intercultural competencies.
  • We invite all international and national students to actively participate in the 'FEP-UCP Intercultural Circle: International Meetings'.

This is a unique opportunity to make new friends, learn about different cultures, and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse academic community.

As we cross borders, or as we invite others to cross the borders that separate us, we are opening the doors to completely new and often unknown worlds. And it is with great enthusiasm that we wish to accompany all international students and researchers on this journey of discovering our academic community, the richness of our culture, and everything that fills us with pride within our faculty.

Patrícia Oliveira-Silva - FEP’s Member of the Board of Director for Internationalization, Research, and Social Responsibility