Faculty of Education and Psychology promotes first International Week

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 - 15:45

"Thriving Global Academic Cultures" is the central theme of the first International Week of the faculty of Education and Psychology (FEP) at Católica in Porto, which takes place from March 28th to April 1st and aims to promote and reflect on internationalization as a central element of the faculty's agenda.

21 teachers and researchers from European and American universities, along with Portuguese teachers and researchers, will discuss topics such as promoting attitudes associated with global citizenship, the importance of intercultural skills, and various other issues related to building an international community.

"We believe that the unprecedented challenges we face in such a globalized world can only be overcome if there is an international community determined to offer joint solutions," explains Patrícia Oliveira-Silva, a member of the faculty's board, adding, "We are committed to strengthening the relationship with international partner universities with the purpose of investing in joint initiatives that can be mutually beneficial."

The organization of the FEP’s International Week is based on the faculty's pledge to integrating an international and intercultural mindset that transcends the boundaries of the university campus and has the potential to mutually benefit all stakeholders and partner institutions to empower them to act in an interconnected global community.

The event will discuss the abundance of challenges that internationalization encompasses, as well as all its complexities and demands: international curriculum development; the development of new academic consortia, networking, bilateral and multilateral activities; innovation processes in teaching and learning; collaboration in teaching and research; students and teachers exchange and empowerment; among others. In addition to the promoted sessions, the program also includes a free day for a visit to the city of Porto.

Check out the program.