Generic Bio

She joined UCP's faculty in 2015. She first received her Bachelor's degree in Management from Católica. She received her Master's in Management Science and Operations Rsearch from the University of Warwick with a thesis on efficiency analysis through data envelopment analysis (DEA) with an application to secondary schools in England. Later, she would receive a PhD in Management Science from the University of Aston; her doctoral thesis was in the field of efficiency analysis with regards to banking agencies (also analyzed using DEA). She is a rsearcher on analyzing efficiency and productivity as they apply to a number of services (schools, banks, retail, universities, regulation and health), which she does in collaboration with UCP's Department of Engineering, the University of Aston and an English consulting firm. She has many publications in international journals in the fields of management and economics, as well as chapters in many books. Currently, she is an associate editor of the Journal of Productivity Analysis and was the editor of Omega from 2015 to 2018. She is a researcher in charge of three projects financed by the FCT, two of which are for the construction of benchmarking of schools (BESP) and hospitals (HOBE). Since 2019, she has been a professor in Católica's Business School,  as well as the President of the business school's Scientific Council (2018 to 2020), Associate Dean for Research and Director of the CEGE since June 2020.