Post-Graduate Program for School Psychologists (Online)

designed to respond to the emerging needs of schools and school psychologists
Accreditation by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists

Program Description

In the past years, the role of school psychologists has been valued and recognized for its role in many areas pertaining to student, professional and academic development. On one hand, policies in education have incentivized changes in the design and practice of school psychologists (e.g., APA; DGE; ISPA; NASP; OPP). On the other hand, social, technological and scientific changes in society and education emphasized the role of school psychologists in facing today's challenges (e.g., COVID-19, inflows of refugees and migrantes and increased visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community). Therefore, we encourage the development of school psychologists / professionals to better prepare for emerging challenges. This program aims to respond to these needs, creating conditions for school psychologists to know and understand the scientific evidence in a structured, reflective and applied manner. From there, they will be able to design activities that effectively utilize the guidelines and recommendations for effective professional practices.

This program stands out for the following reasons:

  • It is designed to respond to the emerging needs of schools and school psychologists.
  • It offers a supervision component, which is recognized as a means of professional development to give psychologists access to professionals in their speciality.
  • It is taught by an internationally and national recognized staff in School and Educational Psychology.
  • It is offered online.
  • You will receive accreditation by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists (OPP).

Intended Enrollment: Active / junior psyschologists in the OPP, namely school psychologists

General Objective: Expand one's knowledge and skills in the area of School Psychology in the context of evidence-based current legal and theoretical paradigms, which will help to shape a more efficient professional.


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