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Diana Soares: "The "classroom" as a laboratory of creativity and innovation"

Thursday, April 27, 2023 - 17:33

Opinion article by Diana Soares, lecturer at the Faculty of Education and Psychology, Catholic University of Portugal in Porto.

Pedagogical Innovation proposes transforming the teaching-learning process, making it meaningful, involving, effective, and efficient.

We must look around to realize that Creativity and Innovation permeate our world. We are surrounded by products, services, and solutions developed by creative and innovative minds, who have dared to think differently, step out of the conventional and test new approaches, helping us move forward as a society.

So much so that, since 2017, the United Nations General Assembly has invited us, on World Creativity and Innovation Day, marked on April 21, to reflect on this theme to underline the importance of Creativity and Innovation for the integral development of human beings.

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