CEDH researchers strengthen partnership with Warsaw University in project on teachers’ well-being

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - 10:01

Researchers Diana Mesquita and Filipa Sobral from the Research Centre for Human Development (CEDH) travelled to the University of Warsaw from 4 to 8 March to strengthen a partnership with Professor Joanna Madalińska-Michalak in the “Teach WWW: Teaching Well With Wellbeing” project.

This project aims to analyse and understand the well-being of teachers in schools in Portugal, Brazil and Poland. As part of this mission, scientific mentoring sessions were held with a view to developing an international project proposal centred on "Teach WWW: Teaching Well With Wellbeing".

The CEDH researchers also organised a class for future teachers and researchers in the field of education on the theme: "The Landscape of Teacher Education in Portugal: challenges and opportunities". At the same time, the lecturers of the UCP's Faculty of Education and Psychology (FEP) had the opportunity to present the Universidade Católica, as well as the teaching, research and social responsibility activities promoted by the faculty.


Mission in line with the strategic objectives of the CEDH and the FEP

This mission is part of the creation and development of a line of research added to the CEDH's 'Education, work, and professional development' area, to which the researchers belong.

This new line of research is a point of scientific convergence between the two and aims to "explore issues related to the satisfaction/motivation of teachers at all levels of education in relation to the teaching profession, professional identity, working conditions and well-being, career prospects, among other aspects", says Diana Mesquita.

The visit was funded by the CEDH, as part of the support provided in 2023 for missions to participate in working meetings, workshops and training.

It is also an initiative that aims to contribute to the internationalisation dynamics of the faculty and the research centre.

It should be noted that Joanna Madalinska-Michalak is a member of the External Advisory Board of the Research Centre for Human Development.

Photo of the participants