Post-Graduate Program in Neuropsychology

Takes root in the most research in neuroscience.
Post-work regime

Program Description

The growth of Neuropsychology in the past decades has been notable due to the significant advances in technology and scientific research.

The knowledge in this field has become a fundamental part of Psycholgoy and offers a strength to multidisciplinary teams that seek to go beyond the traditional approach to Clinical Psychology.

This program aims to expand one's scientific knowledge in the field of Neuropsychology and to foster the development of academic and clinical skills. Studying Neuropsychology will allow these psychologists to assess, intervene in and research cognitive changes and neurological developments.

In particular, there is a special focus on patients, diagnostics, treatment and the management of clinical cases in neuropsychology, which will contribute to a solid foundation toward practicing in a wide range of clinics.

This program:

  • Takes root in the most research in neuroscience.
  • Offers a practical preparation that allows participants to take advantage of various resources and techniques.
  • Broadens one's knowledge about many cognitive functions and their respective assessments.
  • Focuses on the needs in different contexts of neuropsychological performance.
  • Expands upon existing assessments / reference frameworks in the design and implementation of research programs and projects.
  • Starts with an assessment of the student's initial needs and, throughout the program, adjusts to their (new) interests and objectives.
  • Can take place after the work day*** (não estou seguro com minha tradução)

Scientific Area: Psychology

Intended Enrollment: You can enroll in this post-grad program if:

  1. You hold a Master's in Psychology (in accordance with the Bologna Process) or you hold a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (if received prior to the Bologna Process).
  2. You hold a (advanced) degree from abroad that is recognized as satisfiying the objectives of a Master's in Psychology in accordance with the Scientific Council of the Department of Education and Psychology.
  3. You possess an academic, scientific or professional background that attests to your capability to succeed in this program, as described by the Scientific Council of the Department of Education and Psychology.



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