Assessment and Clinical Intervention with Children and Adolescents

7 ECTS / Semestral

To know the developmental specificities in the psychological assessment and clinical intervention with children and adolescents.

To differentiate specific methods and techniques for the psychological clinical assessment of children and adolescents.

To report, orally and in writing, results of clinical assessment processes with children and adolescents.

To recognize the specificities of psychopathological conditions considering differential diagnosis.

To reflect on the prognosis associated with the most frequent clinical conditions in children and adolescents.

To develop case formulation skills with children and adolescents.

To know the modalities of clinical psychological intervention with children and adolescents.

To deepen knowledge about empirically validated clinical psychological approaches.

To promote critical reasoning concerning the different perspectives presented.

To differentiate the specificities of intervention in the most common psychopathological conditions.

To master a set of therapeutic manuals aimed at different disorders.

To develop therapeutic intervention plans for children and adolescents.


Invited Assistant Professor / Researcher
Alexandra Manuela Paiva Carneiro is an Invited Assistant Professor in Psychology and Integrated Researcher at the Research Centre for Human Development…