Dissertation Project (with tutoring) in Psychology

5 ECTS / Semestral

This curricular unit aims at developing research skills in psychology, specifically regarding research projects preparation and planning. The main goal is materialized in the preparation of an individual research project in psychology, to be implemented in the 2nd year of the Masters.

Therefore, the goals of this curricular unit are:

a) To promote the integration of knowledge in the various units lectured in the curricular unit of Research Methods in Psychology (1st and 2nd cycle), relevant to the development of research projects;

b) To integrate students into projects in on-going research lines, of the Psychology Section at the Research Centre for Human Development (CEDH).


Assistant Professor / Researcher
Bárbara Cesar Machado is a Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education and Psychology, Catholic University of Portugal (Porto). She…
Associate Professor / Researcher
Raquel Matos is an Associate Professor, researcher at the Research Centre for Human Development and Director of the Faculty of Education and Psychology at the…