Research Methodology in Psychology II

6 ECTS / Semester

The course "Research Methodology in Psychology II" (MIP II) takes place in the fourth semester of the 1st Study Cycle in Psychology following the course of "Research Methodology in Psychology I," taught in the third semester.

Learning objectives of the course are:

  • To frame in paradigmatic terms the different models of research, focusing particularly on the constructivist and critical theory paradigms.
  • To acquire a basic knowledge of qualitative research methods in Psychology, starting by discussing the underlying rationale behind these methods and covering all stages of the research process.
  • To learn and practice the use of tools to plan and implement qualitative research.
  • To practice strategies for collecting and analysing qualitative data.


Associate Professor / Researcher
Raquel Matos is an Associate Professor, researcher at the Research Centre for Human Development and Director of the Faculty of Education and Psychology at the…
Mafalda Gomes Santos earned a Masters degree in Psychology, with expertise in Educational and Human Development Psychology from Faculty of Education and…