Specialization in Social Pedagogy

Specialization in Social Pedagogy

Program Description

Social Pedagogy offers a science of education that encompasses the diversity of socio-educational practices developed in an environment throughout a life of social solidarity in diverse contexts such as:

Social Institutions, Schools, Training / Work Centers, Skill Recognition and Validation Centers, Autarchies, Local Development Agencies or Cultural Associations, Leisure and Civics

UCP's Master's in Education Science has offered a concentration in Social Pedagogy starting in 2004. Since then, it has been consolidating a notable legacy of socio-educational knowledge built upon the rationale of "learning through service."

This programs intends to provide our Master's students with a variety of theoretical and practical tools that will allow them to create, implement, monitor and assess projects analyzing the pedagogical capacities of people, institutions, territories and communities. This analysis encompasses areas such as:

  • The promotion, protection and development of vulnerable demographics – children, the elderly, disabled people, homeless people, refugees and immigrants, among others
  • The organization, management and assessment of socio-educational institutions
  • The organization, management and assessment of the network of local participants
  • Socio-communal intervention and intercultural mediation
  • Training adults for life-long learning
  • Programs offered for continued training in socio-educational intervention



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Phone: 00351 939 450 000 / 00351 939 450 012


Ana Camões

Ana Camões

Coordinator of the Degree in Social Education at IESF; Professor of the Master's in Social Pedagogy
I chose this program at FEP-UCP for standing out in the field of pedagogical and scientific training, at both the national and international level, providing extremely challenging and professional opportunities.