CEDH discuss the impact of social determinants of health and interpersonal violence on mental health

Thursday, March 14, 2024 - 09:54

The latest Learning Coffee, organised by the Research Centre for Human Development (CEDH) of the Faculty of Education and Psychology (FEP) of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP), focused on the impact of interpersonal violence and social determinants of health on people's mental health.

Diogo Costa, a researcher at the CEDH, was the guest speaker at the session, which took place on 28 February at the FEP. The researcher gave a brief presentation of his research career, giving examples of the places he's been, the studies he's developed and been part of, and the link between them: the study of social determinants of health, interpersonal violence and the impact these factors have on people's mental health.

The speaker highlighted the time he has spent in research institutes abroad (Angola, Germany and Lithuania), where he has had the opportunity to study these issues in different realities and groups. This has allowed him to enrich his understanding of the subject.

In line with the CEDH's mission, Diogo Costa's research topics are: "My research topics are aligned with the study of the impact of adverse experiences on human development, such as violence experienced at different stages of the life cycle. My concern about the impact of this type of experience on mental health is also in line with what the CEDH has developed in recent years," he says.


Next steps: studying gender stereotypes in children

At this Learning Coffee, the researcher also presented the project he is planning to develop at the UCP. This project is related to the study of gender stereotypes in children and how these stereotypes relate to aggressive or violent behaviour and mental health.

"This is a new line of research, which of course stems from the work I've done so far, but where there are still many pertinent scientific questions to be explored. I think I have the best conditions to develop this idea because the CEDH has a tradition of studying children and a strong connection to education, including an established network of partners in this field," he adds.

The Learning Coffees provide an informal space for CEDH researchers and FEP teachers and students to share and discuss.