New issue of the Portuguese Journal of Educational Research: "Education, equity, quality and democracy"

Wednesday, March 27, 2024 - 08:10

This year, Portugal celebrates half a century of democracy and freedom On the occasion of this milestone, the 26th issue of the Revista Portuguesa de Investigação Educacional is dedicated to the theme "Education, equity, quality and democracy (the last 50 years and the future)”.

"With the aim of celebrating 50 years of democracy and freedom, which will be celebrated in Portugal in 2024, the Revista Portuguesa de Investigação Educacional begins to publish, between this issue and the 2024 issues, a series of articles that will allow us to reflect on the paths taken in terms of public policies, organisational models and educational practices, in Portugal and around the world," says Joaquim Azevedo, founder and director of the journal.

"Given the evolution that has taken place in education in terms of the promotion of equal opportunities, equity and academic success, as well as the growing social demand for education, this social subsystem has played a crucial role in the construction of democracy and equality," adds the professor from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

This issue of the journal, published online, consists of eight peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Among the topics covered are the dynamics of democratic participation in basic education and the promotion of academic success; the construction of "new learning ecologies" by schools that invest in new pedagogical practices and seek to create the conditions for academic success for every child and young person; the challenges of universalising access to higher education; and the evolution of teaching professionalism over these five decades of democracy.

Issue 28 of the journal, to be published in 2024, will complete this focus of reflection with systematic approaches to the evolution of education over the last 50 years, by major areas.


About the Portuguese Journal of Educational Research

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