Pedagogical Model

The interdisciplinary approach is present throughout the whole curriculum, with each of the four modules offering an intersection of Law, Education, Psychology and Social Economics. Classes will be taught both in-person and online by academics, specialists and professionals from (non-)governmental organizations that are partners of this Post-Graduate Program. This teaching staff will ensure that the program will be based in a real world context.


Assessment Model and Accreditation

The assessment includes four essays and a final project. The final grade will be made up of the following elements:

  • Average of grades taken from the first four curricular units weighted by their respective credit units (ECTS);
  • Grade of the fifth curricular unit.

The average of the first four units is weighted at 60% of the final grade while the final project constitutes the remaining 40%.

The program grants 20 ECTS, and a post-graduate certificate is awarded to those who have earned a score ≥10 from the five modules that comprise their plan of study.



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